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aloe vera: Fresh, light citrus and fruity top notes slow dance with sweet green notes. Together they
create a clean floral body with an underlying hint of a walk in the mossy woods.
eucalyptus: Wow! Koala bears eat this stuff? This powerful, fresh and exhilarating essential
camphoraceous oil is amazing at clearing and soothing the ol’ nasal passages.
green: Inspired by Irish landscapes, verdant greens and enchanting florals abound in this richly
hued fragrance. Highlighted with sparkling citrus and warmed gently with garden herbs and exotic
green tea: It’s Tea Time! Clean and calming, this deep oriental tea is blended with sweet herbal
undertones and a bit of welcoming zest. It’s very laid back and plays well with others.
herb citrus hyacinth: A dynamic trio! An surprisingly peppy blend of green, crisp citrus notes,
the sweetness of lovely hyacinth with a sprig of mint. LOVE IT!
patchouli: 60’s flashback! The musky incense of choice for years in the counter-culture. You can
almost hear the sitar music!
sandalwood: This scent is very unisexy! Consisting of sweet, warm, woodsy, musky and amber notes,
it is appealing to both men and women. This classic scent blends well with others.
sweet clover: A wonderful aroma of fresh cut grass and sweet clover. WARNING: The wearer of this
scent should be advised that the urge to seek out and roll down grassy knolls has been reported!(JK)
tea tree oil: This oil contains the antiviral properties of tea tree. It makes a good room deodorizer and
air cleanser. Diffused into the atmosphere it has the ability to destroy molds, fungi and bacteria. Its
properties are anti-infectious, antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and digestive
stimulant. Useful for the treatment of oily skin and acne.
white tea: This soft, clean scent is reminiscent of the popular Plumeria aroma. However, White Tea
has its own unique qualities and a slight fruit based top note.

ylang ylang:  Properly pronouncing ylang ylang, (“ee-long, ee-long”) is befitting of this ultimately
sweet, soft floral, that when worn, lasts an “ee-long, ee-long” time!