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Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Posted by Amber Tipton on

Did you know the benefits of Salt Scrubs include breathing new life into tired skin? Gently rubbing the skin in circular motions with the scrub removes dead skin cells on the surface. These skin cells make skin look dry and flaky. Removing them reveals the moist shiny skin hidden underneath, also improving circulation, removing bacteria, unclogging pores, and giving the skin a natural glow...

Actual Results from Nerium

The results of our products speak for themselves. See how our age-defying products are helping people look younger!

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Tired of that old looking skin?

Looking in the mirror, you see a face that’s different than it looked a few years ago. Why is that? What causes your skin to change?Biology and genetics play a part, but the signs of aging are also driven by external factors like sun exposure, stress, smoking, and environmental pollutants that produce skin-damaging free radicals. [...]

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Fragrance Trends by Note Family

As a follow up to my Blog on Fragrance Blending 101, I wanted to help you by listing just some of our top trending fragrances by note family... This is only a sampling of what we have to choose from, but I didn't want to overwhelm you! Have fun creating YOUR favorite mix just for [...]

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Fragrance Blending 101

If you consider yourself a complete perfume/fragrance blockhead -- if you couldn't tell Chanel No. 5 from Shalimar if your life depended on it -- you probably know that perfumes are made of more than one scent. You won't find too many perfumes (at least none you'd want to actually buy) that consist entirely of sandalwood oil, for example, or [...]

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The 411 on Salt vs. Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliation should be a part of every skincare regimen. If you’ve never done it (with the right exfoliate, one that actually does something – not the usual cream with a few seeds or synthetic molecules thrown in to the mix but a real scrub), you will be amazed at how effective this product is for unclogging pores, promoting healthy, [...]

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The Ugly Truth About Mineral Oils

Also called “liquid petroleum,” “paraffin oil,” and “petroleum jelly,” mineral oil has long been used in a number of industries. Nowhere is its use more debated than in the cosmetics industry.Used to be mineral oil was a popular moisturizer in skin and hair products. People have relied on it for decades, and things like baby [...]

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