Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Posted by Amber Tipton on 23rd Jul 2018

Did you know the benefits of Salt Scrubs include breathing new life into tired skin? Gently rubbing the skin in circular motions with the scrub removes dead skin cells on the surface. These skin cells … read more

Actual Results from Nerium

Posted by Amber Tipton on 16th Aug 2015

The results of our products speak for themselves. See how our age-defying products are helping people look younger! … read more

Tired of that old looking skin?

Posted by Amber Tipton on 14th Aug 2015

Looking in the mirror, you see a face that’s different than it looked a few years ago. Why is that? What causes your skin to change?Biology and genetics play a part, but the signs of aging are also dr … read more

Fragrance Trends by Note Family

Posted by Amber Tipton on 18th Jul 2015

As a follow up to my Blog on Fragrance Blending 101, I wanted to help you by listing just some of our top trending fragrances by note family... This is only a sampling of what we have to choose from, … read more