moisturizing detox rocks

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Fire up some candles, turn off the lights, and get ready to ROCK! You have a front-row seat to softness with these moisturizing detox rocks. If your looking for a great soak, treat yourself like a VIP and try this backstage pass. It won’t take long to admit that you’re a lifelong fan. Mineral salts will open the show by removing unruly toxins from your skin. Soak around long enough, and our olive-me oil  will turn your dry skin into instant hit.

“Bravo!, Bravo!” Like our bubbling bath crystals  these little gems are also safe to use in spa tubs.

  • skin type : all
  • shea butter moisturzes
  • olive oil nourishes
  • full of antioxidants
  • natural mineral salts
  • soften bath water
  • detoxify skin
  • increase circulation
  • relax sore muscles
  • 32 ounces